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I'm a software engineer with insatiable curiosity and a deep passion for product development and user experience. I also have experience leading small, agile product teams to successful delivery of world-class products at Google, Nest, and Origami. If our work doesn't help somebody be more productive, safe, creative, or happy then what's the point?


I have deep expertise in engineering management, mobile and desktop media technologies, with dozens of shipped consumer apps over the past fifteen years. I'm expert with audio and image DSP including realtime applications, C++, C, and Objective-C. I'm proficient with Go, Python, Javascript and GLSL.

Selected Products

Passpop I recently co-founded Passpop, Inc.

Google/Nest I built and led a team of eighteen engineers across iOS, Android and Web conceiving, designing, and building Google and Nest Labs' desktop and mobile platform for the conscious home.

Origami I led the development of the Origami iOS app and led engineering process improvements (e.g., Build automation, code reviews, continuous integration) across the mobile team.

Everyme I developed the real-time Instagram-style camera filters for this successful social network's iOS App.

TouchEdit I led the development of this innovative professional non-linear video editor for iPad under contract to Dan Lebental, editor of films like "Iron Man," and "Elf." I created the video editing engine as well as the editing user interface. I was also responsible for managing the rest of the engineering team and schedule.

Mixr I developed the audio engine for this iPad DJ app. Additionally I co-product-managed the app with colleagues at DS Media Labs.

Earshot Conceived, designed and led a small team in the development of this innovative peer-to-peer audio streaming app for iOS. Runner-up at Startup Weekend.

The T-Pain Effect Co product-managed and led the engineering effort on this successful "auto tune" music production app for beginners from multi-platinum record artist T-Pain.

Voices Developed the audio engine for this worldwide #1 paid app store smash hit. Also provided voice acting for the "8-Ball" and "Dark Side" voices.

iDrum for iPhone (plus many, many others) Led the product management, user experience and engineering of the port of the popular iDrum application for OS X to iPhone. Two iDrum for iPhone editions were in the App Store the day it launched in August 2008.

Virtual String Machine and M-Tron Pro Developed the cross-platform (Mac/PC), cross-plugin-format (VST/RTAS/Audio Unit/Standalone) C++ framework behind these products as well as the products themselves.

iDrum Designed and developed the first virtual instrument plug-in designed specifically for GarageBand. Apple liked it so much they sold it in retail stores!

Selected Open Source

OGImage Popular library that makes it trivial to fetch, process and cache images from the web.

TSLibraryImport Ridiculously popular library that saved apps from the time-consuming transcoding required to copy audio files from an iOS device's music library.